Meet Our 2018 Innovators

Our 2018 Health Quality Innovators of the Year included these outstanding organizations improving health care in communities across Maryland and Virginia:


  • Charles County Mobile Integrated Healthcare Unit is a collaboration between Charles County Department of Health, the University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center, and the Charles Department of Emergency Services that supports patients at risk for readmission and frequent 9-1-1 callers through home visits after discharge.
  • Sinai Hospital uses a predictive analytics tool to identify sepsis earlier and rapidly deploy life-saving treatment. Their care team is reducing sepsis mortality and hospital length of stay.
  • Prince George’s Healthcare Alliance provides community care coordination services to high-risk, high-need, high utilizers in health care. By addressing social determinants of access to care, this alliance improves health behaviors by linking patients to community resources.
  • Western Maryland Health System leads several population health initiatives for the community focused on improving health and reducing the cost of care.
  • Atlantic General Hospital is reducing readmissions by implementing a community-based telehealth service using remote patient monitoring. Patients and families receive support from a multi-disciplinary, collaborative team including a primary care physician, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian, chaplain and others.


  • Chesapeake Regional Healthcare operates an innovative transitional care clinic to help high-risk, high-needs patients avoid unnecessary trips to the emergency department.
  • Augusta Health reduces sepsis mortality by developing an automated process to collect clinical data and alert nursing staff to perform an assessment when patients are at risk for sepsis.
  • Richmond Health & Wellness Program at the VCU School of Nursing provides comprehensive assessments and care coordination to address the needs of underserved older adults in the Richmond area.
  • Charles City Regional Health Services takes an innovative, patient-centered approach to decrease the impact of chronic disease by integrating medical, behavioral and dental care.
  • Fairview Health Associates’ (West Virginia) five physicians are improving screening rates for breast and colorectal cancers, body mass index and tobacco use in the rural community of Summersville, WV.