2021 Health Quality Innovators of the Year Awards

The Fifth Annual Health Quality Innovators of the Year Awards submissions are under review – Winners will be announced in December!


The Health Quality Innovators of the Year Awards represent HQI’s commitment to improving health care in communities by recognizing organizations who are using evidence-based approaches to quality improvement.

Awards will be given in five categories:

    1. Collaboration recognizes organizations committed to bringing others together to solve health care challenges.
    2. Health Equity recognizes organizations that have successfully implemented interventions to address disparities by race and ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geographic location, disability, and/or sexual orientation across a range of conditions.
    3. Patient Engagement and Activation recognizes organizations that have committed to partnering with patients, families and caregivers to adopt strategies to ensure care processes are patient-centered.
    4. Population Health recognizes organizations that work to improve the health of patients and communities through prevention, treatment and improved access of care.
    5. Rural Health recognizes rural health care facilities that have made outstanding contributions to rural health care.

Learn more about the award category descriptions and criteria. 

Who is eligible for an award? Nominees must be health care providers, partners and/or stakeholders who have worked with HQI on any quality improvement initiatives or engagements since July 2020. Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of judges representing health care organizations, HQI’s Patient and Family Advisory Council and HQI’s team members.

Please contact us if you have questions.