Health Quality Innovators of the Year: Population Health – CareMore Health

January 23, 2020

Today we are profiling CareMore Health, one of the two winners of our Health Quality Innovators of the Year Awards in the Population Health category.

CareMore Health is a nationally known, locally based health care provider with health centers located in the neighborhoods where its patients reside. They created a care model that addresses unmanaged chronic conditions through comprehensive programs that include education to manage disease, nutritional counseling, and access to physical fitness facilities – all at no additional cost to the patient. CareMore Health also addresses social determinants and barriers impacting health like food insecurity, transportation and financial instability that limit access to needed medications and leads to loneliness. As a result of CareMore’s holistic approach to care, its Medicare population has an 18 percent lower A1C for people with diabetes, 58 percent fewer End Stage Renal Disease inpatient days, 25 percent fewer congestive heart failure readmissions and 19 percent fewer Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease admissions.

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