REAL Life Gives Lift to People Seeking Recovery from Substance Use, Homelessness or Incarceration

March 1, 2020
Picture of Staff and clients of REAL LIFE participate in a monthly art project at their facility in Richmond.

Staff and clients of REAL LIFE participate in a monthly art project at their facility in Richmond. REAL LIFE works with Richmond-area residents to help them overcome adversities such as substance abuse, homelessness, or incarceration.


REAL LIFE in downtown Richmond acts as a catalyst for overcoming adversities, (primarily due to substance use disorders, homelessness, or incarceration), sustaining sobriety, and providing a pathway to a thriving future through cultivating stronger families, gaining meaningful employment, and improving interpersonal communications skills, while building a foundation of faith if desired.

They provide intense case management and classes each week, addressing job readiness and assistance with getting hired, budgeting/financial literacy, anger management, motherhood/fatherhood, and more.

REAL Recovery & Transitional Houses

REAL Housing, supports those who need a structured residential environment for recovery during their transition from incarceration, addiction, or homelessness to independent living. REAL LIFE sets the highest standards to foster personal growth, develop a foundation for long-term recovery, and improve the quality of life through delivering REAL LIFE’s 5 pillars of service.

Expectant Mother Program

The Expectant Mother Program supports women through emotional and educational measures throughout pregnancy and/or motherhood. Often, this population of vulnerable women does not have a positive support system and are unable to discontinue their drug use alone, and also do not seek appropriate medical prenatal care, which contributes to high mortality rates and other health-related issues, not to mention the inability to properly care for a baby upon birth.

REAL LIFE’s Expectant Mother program works to equip these ladies with knowledge on how addictive behaviors and trauma affects not only them, but also their unborn child. The program’s goal is to equip women with parenting skills, adequate support, and the appropriate social services and medical care referrals to best care for the mother and baby.

Jail Programming

In jail programming provides tools to those who are incarcerated, in order to prepare them for release and build their level of resilience. REAL LIFE offers formal programming for men in Riverside Regional Jail and for women in Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail. REAL LIFE also provides seminars in Henrico and Chesterfield, as well as local prisons.

They serve adults who are working to overcome obstacles related to former incarceration, homelessness, or battling substance use. Services are free and there is no income requirement.

Contact Information

The Navigator can call 804-322-3311 and schedule an appointment for an intake for the client. They can accommodate same-day appointments often.

Classes, 12-step and recovery meetings are held on their REAL LIFE Class Facebook page:

For other questions, call 804-322-3311.

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