Turning the Brown Bag Blue: Helping Patients Avoid Adverse Drug Events

July 20, 2017


Health Quality Innovators (HQI) launched the Blue Bag Initiative, an easy-to-use program to facilitate medication reconciliation and help your patients avoid medication errors.

An extension of HQI’s efforts to reduce adverse drug events (ADEs), the Blue Bag Initiative offers pharmacists, physicians and other providers with a medication reconciliation program that is easy to implement in a variety of health care and community settings. As a participant, you will receive a toolkit including:

  • 25 reusable bags to hand out to patients at risk for ADEs.
  • 25 smaller bags for expired, discontinued or duplicative medications.
  • Marketing materials to promote Blue Bag events to patients, families and caregivers.
  • Medication review forms, education/evaluation materials and data collection worksheets.
  • Instructions to help you host a medication review event in your pharmacy, practice, long-term care facility, hospital or other community location.

Ready to sign up? Email or call 804.289.5320.

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