VHQC is now Health Quality Innovators

October 15, 2016

The way we talk about improving health care shapes the way others think and act. In fact, it can influence whether any action is taken at all. Consider that not long ago, we accepted health care-acquired infections (HAIs) as complications that could not always be prevented. Then we began to speak in terms of medical errors, and finally, about patient harm. Now there is a national goal for HAI reduction and substantial progress toward it has been made in just a few years.

Words matter when you are making things happen. That is why we decided to change our name from VHQC to Health Quality Innovators (HQI). This new name reflects our broader reach, exceptional team and commitment to improving health care. Those who think of us as Virginia’s Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) may not realize that we are also Maryland’s QIN-QIO. Through our multiple lines of business, we improve health care for people in a total of seven states and the District of Columbia.

Our team has grown, too. HQI employs 70 individuals with expertise in quality improvement and collective professional experience that spans every setting of care. They are working alongside providers and hand-in-hand with associations and other stakeholders on some of today’s biggest challenges–payment reform, antibiotic stewardship, health equity, end-of-life care, patient engagement and practice transformation, to name just a few.

We remain committed to our longstanding mission, to make a measurable difference on individual and community health. Now we have a name, Health Quality Innovators, which underscores that mission. It challenges us to think creatively and act boldly to make the world’s best funded health care system the safest, most effective and equitable. I invite you to join in this challenge.

Donald A. Glozer, MHA, FACHE
President & CEO
Health Quality Innovators

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